Terms sales eFood Student

These terms and conditions are agreed between:
the Internet user that has signed an order (hereinafter "Customer"), or any major and capable individual.
Restaurant partner vendor (below the "Restaurant") on our site www.efoodstudent.fr (or "Site").
Student Efood society, registered with the RCS Toulouse under number 800 075 061 (hereinafter "Efood Student"), edits the website www.efoodstudent.fr and acts in the name and on behalf of the restaurant who had been retained by through a transparent contract term.

The above parties acknowledge having read this contract and terms and conditions. The checkout (double click on the "order" button) will equal the full acceptance of these terms and conditions.

1 Role of Stakeholders

1.1 The restaurant

The Restaurant offers the Customer, via the website, home delivery or takeaway food.
The proposal does not constitute a binding offer once the acceptance of the offer by the Client.
The restaurant may require a minimum order amount expressed in euros on all orders to be delivered at home and / or recovered directly from the institution.

1.2 Student Efood

Efood Student ensure, to the limits of the powers conferred by the principal Restaurant, intermediation services between the restaurant and the customer via its website.

Student Efood also distributes and updated information on tenders offered by restaurants, taking orders on the website, the order confirmation after the Final Agreement of Restaurant obtained and, in some cases, receipts by credit card on the site in the name and on behalf of the restaurant.

Our customer service manages all orders placed on efoodstudent.fr to ensure their proper consideration. Our customer service is available to contact@efoodstudent.fr addresses.

2 Secure Ordering

The data on your account and your orders (name, address and phone number of your credit card) is encrypted so that the information you send us is protected during transmission to our payment processing center. In addition, the means and cryptology services used to secure transactions have been as the case of a declaration or an authorization under the legislation.

3 Intellectual Property

Reproduction of all or part of the elements of this site, regardless of the means used, is prohibited. In addition, any use of the site or any of its materials without prior agreement of Efood Student will be deemed to constitute an infringement and prosecuted in accordance with articles L. 335-2 and following of the Code of Property intellectual.

4 Limitations of Liability

Efood Student disclaims all liability for the content and freshness of orders made by the restaurant.
The site can not be held liable for breach of contract in case of breach of the restaurant stock.
Pursuant to Ordinance No. 59-107 of 7 January 1959, and pursuant to Article L. 80 of the Code of licensed premises and measures against alcoholism, the sale of alcohol to minors is prohibited. By confirming your order, if it contains alcohol, you declare you are 18 years of age at the date of the order

The site can not be held liable for any tariffs of different restaurants.

5 Passage control

The Customer can place an order with the restaurant chosen on the Site. He may at any time prior to confirmation of the order edit entered data or return to the previous step.
The choice of restaurant is on the home page of the Site, or by entering the name of the town and the street where the customer wishes to be delivered at home.
The client then chooses a restaurant having full possession following details: opening hours, the approximate delivery time, minimum order amount.
Once the restaurant chosen, the client desired products in the basket, he can not put the products of a single restaurant. Once the cart is validated, the customer is prompted to enter the delivery address, or to connect if it is not already. It is not mandatory to create an account to order.
After delivery address provided, the customer only has to choose the type of payment: by card on the website or delivery. By double clicking on the "submit" button after selecting payment, the customer agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of sale.
At this level, the restaurant reserves the right to cancel the order, it will be final when the restaurant confirms the order.

6 Payment

The amount of your purchases on the site Efood Student is one that was shown at the checkout or payment card.
The site can not be held liable for breach of contract in case of breach of the restaurant stock.
For card payments, the provisions relating to the fraudulent use of credit cards in agreements between you and the card issuer and Student Efood between his bank and apply.
To improve security in banking transactions, you will see your request presentation of the credit card used for payment of the order together with proof of identity, upon delivery of the order. For payment by check in excess of $ 15 €, an ID may also be requested.

7 Price

Prices of products ordered on the site are in Euros, VAT and are applied throughout the duration of their posting on the site Efood Student.
The rates and terms of conversion of the currency will be those resulting from the application of the provisions of Article 109 of the Treaty on European Union.
On promotion, have the conditions of the promotion which will come into account.

8 followed by a command

In case of problems, request changes or cancellation or for any questions related to an order, permanence Efood Student can be reached 24 hours on 24 and 7 on 7 at the email address contact@efoodstudent.fr

9 Language and applicable law

Terms and applicable to the contract formed between the restaurant and the customer language is French.
Any dispute in connection with the use of www.efoodstudent.fr is subject to French law.

10 Settlement of disputes

Our customer service is available for the settlement of any dispute and, failing amicable settlement, the Tribunal de Commerce de Toulouse will be competent.

11 Proof

The records stored in computer systems Efood Student under reasonable security conditions, will be considered proof of communications, orders and payments between the parties.

12 Cookies

In order to help you navigate through our site (faster access to pages you are interested) and you benefit from offers, Efood student may use "cookies". In any case, these cookies to identify you. They will also aim to measure site traffic efoodstudent.fr.

13 Photos and images

Photographs and images used on restaurant menus and the rest of the site are not contractual.

14 For your health

For your health, adopt a varied and balanced diet. Moreover, practice regular physical activity to protect your health and your quality of life.

Written by society Efood Student on 30/06/2013
Last updated on 02/25/2014