Who are we?

The Student Efood site has been created by two Toulouse in order to facilitate students' lives.

This site emerged following the finding of the creators: the modern student has had enough to eat steak and pasta every day. What he wants is the variety, taste and fun for an attractive price. Yesterday, two possibilities open to him: winning master chef or engage in tedious research on the internet without being certain of the quality of the result.

Today, a third option has emerged: efoodstudent.com.

This site is designed to enable students to take delivery of meals without leaving home and in a few clicks.

How does it work?

  1. We must first start with your back street to see the list of restaurants available in your area.
  2. Then you must choose the type of restaurant and the dish that pleases you according to your selection criteria: type of cuisine, view and notes of old consumers, student discount, proximity, etc.
  3.   It remains only to wait comfortably at home 30 to 45 minutes the driver
  4. And there, happy students who can spend a good evening with ease!

Today, thanks to Efood Student, eat varied in range clicks.