Special students

Our site is dedicated to the students! What does that mean?

  1. We emphasize on the site all student promotions already present in partner restaurants.
    For example: The Asian Kanteen restaurant menus have special rates for students (see "Student" menu of the restaurant)
  2. We negotiate new student promotions with restaurant, exclusive to our site.
    For example: You get 10% on Sushi restaurants relay Thai Pathen and Jacken's Chicken Jolimont Toulouse.
  3. We create new and exclusive deals to our site partnerships with our restaurateurs.
    For example: Pasta Pizza Restaurants Toulouse menus contain 5 new students, and 2 for Jaken's chicken restaurants.
  4. We negotiate lower order minimums with restaurant to match the students' budgets.
    For example: Eat Sushi Restaurants Toulouse have a minimum order of € 12 on our site instead of 15 € in normal times.
  5. We offer the opportunity for restaurateurs to places of student promotions.